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HandWoven, Handspun, Knitted, Etc.

Welcome a collection to my works. Created to display what I make. 

I have the store open but before placing an order email me and tell me what you want before placing your order that way I will know just what to do. Specifics can be found on my Blog page. Or you may also use to send me messages. 


Pouches & Bags made of recycled plastic bags.

My Store set up at the L train station in Canarsie, I specialize in lap cloths and head coverings for church.

 New store opening in Manhattan, NY

Opened October 10th, 2014.


  Let Sleeping dogs be cute.

Hand made, aquamarine cup bead anklet or bracelet.

Begun December 25, 2009

New Project, A sweater for my beloved. Starting from scratch spinning Multi-Colored Merino using shades of deep purple and dark blue and using Multi-Colored Merino/Tussah Silk for highlights. Spinning on a budget an ounce at a time. Fiber from The Yarn Tree, in Brooklyn. I'm about 1/4 of the way up the body. I'm thinking about turning the collar into a hood. His comment "I won't have to wear a heavy coat next year!" I finished in late April, 2011 

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Green Door Creations 


Green Door Creations

Featured Necklace, Redesigned Pendent