Fiber Arts Center


My Name is Gerri

Born and raised in the South in 1952, I am an Auburn University Grad, with a BFA in printing. I moved to New York in 2007, and have never felt more at home. This place has given me everything I never had, and will ever need, a home, a business and many more wonderful things.

 Currently I set up a small vending table somewhere on the West End of Broadway in Manhattan. Coming from the south, I became familiar with flea markets and craft fairs, and to me to set up outside and sell my wares as a street vendor was a natural step. I'm outside weather and life permitting, selling, and meeting people. I would like to have a small store front so that I could hold classes, because so many people would like to learn to spin and knit, but I just don't have the room. God willing maybe someday I will. 

My specialties are lace trimmed cloths for use in church as lap covers, or to protect your tables. These are a very popular item at my table I have also introduced and popular request a variety of head adornments for ladies to use in church. At my table I have handmade purses, small pouches made from recycled plastic bags, all originals as I don't believe in copying anyone, and I want my customers to have one of a kind articles not copies of what a million other people have. For the winter I have hats, scarves and mittens and at special request, sweaters, and vests. Most of my knitted accessories are made from scratch as I also make and dye my own yarn.

Browse  my site, sign my guestbook, visit my store and enjoy! If you want to make a special order then visit my store here on this site, but to make purchases of other items please go to